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Lets talk RF Microneedling!

January 6, 2022
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by Debbie Grillo

Ten years ago when we started our business we decided to run our medical spa differently from how our competitors were. Because Mark worked in the upper echelons of medical equipment sales for over 25 years with J&J and LMA, he knew the key to results and we were success oriented from the very beginning. We would stand apart from other Med spas because we would not only deliver great customer service, but also outstanding results. It was easy in his mind. Treat clients how we’d want to be treated walking into the unknown arena. Teach them what we knew, be honest and deliver results they were searching for. We would onlySell only what works and delivers. That’s why we chose Picosure for tattoo removal and we are on our third centrifuge for PRP.

So we didn’t buy hydra facial or cool sculpting for a reason. Financially we could have made more money with those hot advertised products, but could we look our customers in their eyes and tell them these would give results they desired? No. We wanted our customers to leave Laser Remedy Skin Solutions feeling confident about their treatments, their investments in their skin. We had to offer the best.

With all the different skin care issues we address we try and try the equipment on ourselves and our staff and friends before jumping into a 1/4 -1/2 million dollar investment in each piece of equipment. We drive the sales reps crazy, make them wait months, sometimes years before investing in new equipment. Mark would go to the manufacturing plants and discuss intricacies of the new technologies to understand why or why not they were going to give us results.

So then comes along Microneedling ( microchanelling began 1995) and we start with Dermapen pro, but quickly switch to the Procell device because more surgeons are using and it’s going deeper with less injury and delivering higher longer lasting results. Studies with Procell are showing results lasting up to 10 years. Then RF Microneedling came into play and sent us in a tailspin. We tried 8 devices over two years! Pain, great discomfort during treatment for very little return. We couldn’t see results. The Morpheus 8 had lots of advertising dollars behind them, but it felt like a staple gun and didn’t tighten even fine lines soften after a few treatments. We really gave it our all, but the results were subpar for what we want to deliver at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions.

Luckily by having relationships with top docs and plastic surgeons we found something better that we could be on the front end of discovering: The Opus, a RF Plasma device that actually delivered the results we were wanting for our clients. To say RF Plasma has the edge on RF Microneedling is an understatement. It’s far superior in multiple ways. It’s a relatively new discipline with eye opening (literally and figuratively) clinical studies. First it goes deeper into the dermis while also tightening the epidermis simultaneously, so our number one complaint “skin laxity” addressed more completely than before. Second it creates plasma which is a strong field of radio frequency used to deliver energy to the epidermis without damaging the dermis. To put this simply Different energy outputs are used to oxygenate and target the damaged aging skin tissue layers. In aesthetic medicine plasma can successfully treat scarring, stretch marks, acne, fine lines, deeper neck wrinkles and non surgical blepharoplasty.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty using plasma is rapidly becoming an alternative to surgery without need for general anesthetic,less downtime, less risk of muscle damage, less risk to vision, and more affordable to patients.

We apply a topical anaesthetic 30minutes prior so the areas of concern can be treated more efficiently. Treatments take between 5-10 minutes per eye. Results can be seen immediately, although for best final results often three or more treatments are needed to produce results comparable to a surgical solution. Following the treatment, the patient will have brown spots at area treated with plasma, this is due to carbonization of tissue. These resolve over 5-7 days. There can be swelling and redness for a few days. Studies prove 80% of people received 100% of desired results within three sessions. With no complications or adverse events reported. This confirms Plasma is our new favorite non surgical device option to wow our clients!

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