Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair can be a bothersome and time-consuming aspect of our daily grooming routines. Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, and plucking often come with their fair share of discomfort and may not deliver long-lasting results.

With our state-of-the-art Splendor X laser hair removal technology, you no longer have to worry about unwanted hair holding you back from confidently enjoying life.

Hair-free, perfectly smooth skin that's effortlessly within your reach.

Treatment details
Minimal, usually none. You can resume normal activities right after.
Sessions Needed
Typically 6 to 8 sessions for optimal results, spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart.
Results Duration
Long-lasting. Permanent reduction in hair growth after completing the recommended sessions.
What it Treats
Unwanted hair on various body areas, including legs, underarms, bikini line, face, and more.

What If You Never Have to Shave Again?

Tired of the endless battle with unwanted body hair? Looking for a safe and effective solution to achieve smooth, hair-free skin without constantly reaching for razors or enduring the pain of waxing? If you’ve been searching for the best and most effective laser hair removal in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Laser Remedy Skin Solutions has the ultimate solution to your dilemma: Splendor X Laser Hair Removal.

Works for All Skin Types

Unlike traditional hair removal methods, the Splendor X laser treatment effectively removes unwanted hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. It is safe for individuals of all skin colors and types.

Fast Treatment Sessions

Thanks to the efficiency of the Splendor X technology, treatment sessions are remarkably fast. Compared to older laser systems, this laser can cover larger areas of the body, reducing the overall time you spend in the treatment chair.

Permanent Results

The Splendor X laser precisely targets hair follicles, damaging them to inhibit future hair growth. Over time, you can expect to enjoy hair-free skin without the need for constant maintenance, saving you money in laser hair removal costs.

No Pain or Burns

Splendor X delivers a pain-free experience with minimal discomfort. The laser's unique square-shaped spot size ensures even coverage and eliminates overlap and hotspots, leaving your delicate skin tissues unharmed.

Splendor X: 
The Latest in Laser Hair Removal Technology

The Latest in Innovative Laser Technology
Our commitment to providing the best laser hair removal experience led us to Splendor X, the world's most innovative permanent hair removal laser. This groundbreaking technology utilizes multiple wavelengths, allowing us to treat any skin tone (dark, fair, or light skin) quickly and effectively.

The key to Splendor X's success lies in its advanced engineering and cutting-edge features. Its precision and more even treatment area coverage maximizes hair removal efficacy (our clients report significant hair reduction after just a couple of sessions) and ensures that the follicles are adequately damaged to prevent regrowth.

Splendor X boasts no overlap, no burns, and requires no retouching that’s often required in older laser treatments. Gone are the days when hair removal was associated with pain and discomfort. With permanent results and no downtime, you can confidently step into a future free from the burden of unwanted hair.

Our Splendor X Laser Hair Removal Treatment Process

Laser Remedy Skin Solutions follows a simple yet transformative hair removal process that ensures you leave with the smooth, hairless skin you desire.
Customized Treatment Plans
Your journey to smooth skin begins with a consultation with our certified laser technicians. They will assess your unique needs and determine the correct spot size and laser fluence based on your body area and skin type.
Hair Shedding Period
Following your laser treatment, you can expect the hair in treated areas to begin shedding within 10 to 14 days. You have the option to let it shed naturally or aid the process by buffing with a body scrub, loofah, or exfoliating gloves.
Managing Hair Regrowth
Enjoy smooth skin for a week or two after shedding, but anticipate hair regrowth thereafter. Depending on the body area, it's advisable to schedule your next treatment 4-6 weeks from your initial appointment to maintain optimal results.
Treat Again for Lasting Results
After 4-6 weeks, new hair growth signals it's time for your next session. We recommend adhering to this schedule until you achieve the desired level of smooth, hairless skin.

Post-Treatment Care

After your laser treatment, pamper your skin with care to maximize results:
Apply aloe vera or a cool compress to soothe the skin.
Avoid sun exposure for a few days post-treatment.
Once the redness subsides, exfoliate the area to aid shedding and maintain smoothness.
Expect minimal hair growth until the next cycle. Your results will improve with each session.
Refrain from exercising for 24-48 hours post-treatment. 
Inform your laser technician of any changes in medication during your treatment journey.

Don't let unwanted hair hold you back any longer.

Experience the freedom of smooth, hair-free skin with Laser Remedy Skin Solutions. Book your appointment today and discover the difference for yourself!

Life-Changing Results

Followup after 6 treatments
After 2 treatments
6 months follow up after 3 treatments
6 months follow up after 5 treatments
2 months follow up after 5 treatments
6 months follow up after 5 treatments
6 months follow up after 5 treatments
6 months follow up after 5 treatments
6 months follow up after 5 treatments

What Our Clients Say...

Jess S.

“I had a small capillary on my nose that was broken and driving me crazy. She was able to zap it with her laser and it immediately went away.”

Vickie G.

“They not only provide a great service to get rid of tattoos you wish you hadn’t done… they also have such a great bedside manner during and after the process!”

Erick C.

“Amazing experience!!! Mark and Debbie made me feel totally confident and relaxed about the treatment and the removal process!”

Daniel H.

“They make sure you’re well taken care of during and after the treatments. There are no side effects and no down time. The prices are reasonable. Highly recommended.”

Kristen D.

“I love this place. I have been to 7 different last tattoo removal studios and they are by far the best! They go above and beyond for their clients.”

Tammy S.

“I had veins and brown/age spots removed from my face. The treatment & results are phenomenal, I am super happy!!!”

Emily G.

“The results I have seen far outweigh the results I saw from a different tattoo removal office… I would never even think about going somewhere else ever again!”

Rosemary O.

“I have been to Laser Remedy” three times for a tattoo removal. Everyone has been VERY kind, helpful, really good at explaining the procedure.”

Traci A.

“Debbie, Mark and their staff are wonderful to work with. Professional, knowledgeable and I am getting great results with my ink removal.”

Hunter M.

“Amazing customer service! They’ll make sure your experience is above and beyond! Great prices, products and people what more could you want?”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Splendor X laser hair removal work?

    The cutting-edge SplendorX laser uses light energy to penetrate your skin and into your hair follicles. These follicles absorb the laser’s light, which damages their integrity and makes them unable to produce hair.

    SplendorX uses high-speed integrated technology (HIT™) to reduce treatment time and enhance results. It’s safe to use on your:

    • Face
    • Bikini line
    • Pubic area
    • Underarms
    • Arms

    The SplendorX removes hair up to five times faster than traditional hair removal lasers and works on all skin types. It can treat large areas at once, including your back, chest, and legs.

    The device isn’t effective on blond, white, red, or gray hair colors.

    How to prepare for a laser hair removal procedure?

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for a laser hair removal session:

    Avoid excess sun exposure for a few weeks leading up to your session
    Don’t use topical bronzing creams or lotions
    Don’t tweeze or wax in order to leave the hair follicle intact
    Avoid taking blood thinning medications (unless these are prescribed - please speak with your doctor before discontinuing any medications)
    Shave 1 to 2 days before your session

    Does laser hair removal hurt?

    With this procedure, you will have minimal discomfort (patients claim at most, it feels like a snapping rubber band).

    The HIT mechanism activates your skin’s receptors to reduce the transmission of pain, while the device’s ChillTip™ keeps your skin cool before and during your treatment, ensuring your comfort and safety.

    When you’re tired of shaving, plucking, tweezing, and waxing, find a better solution to unwanted hair removal at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions. Call today to schedule your initial consultation or book online.

    How many treatments do you need for lasting results?

    While laser hair removal can be long-lasting, it takes multiple sessions to stop total hair growth. Your hair goes through multiple growth cycles and needs to be able to absorb enough laser light to destroy the follicle. Depending on the thickness and color of your hair, your certified laser technician may recommend between 4-8 treatments over 6-12 months.

    Your hair grows in cycles. Thus; not all hair follicles are active during any one treatment session. Inactive hair follicles don’t have enough pigment to attract the laser light. Because of this lack of pigment, the SplendorX only addresses active hair follicles, and even these may need multiple treatments to end hair growth entirely.

    If a hair follicle is treated, but hair growth doesn’t stop, the hair that grows tends to be thinner and lighter in color than your previous hair.

    Are there specific body parts that can’t be treated?

    With our Splendor X laser, we can treat all areas of the body. Conditions that would prevent us from being able to provide treatment on any area include tattoos, infections, inflammation, certain diseases, cold sores, open wounds, and pregnancy. Ask your laser technician if you have any questions about a condition.

    Individual results may vary.

    How much does laser hair removal cost?

    The rates of laser hair removal services can vary depending on various factors, such as the type of service, the treatment area, and the number of sessions required. Contact us for more details and accurate pricing information on the services we offer. Don't forget to inquire about any promotions or discounts we may have at the time.

    Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair for Good

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