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PRP/Exosome Hair Restoration in Greenwood Village, CO

Restore hair growth naturally without surgery

Stimulate Healthy 
Hair Growth

No matter how light or dark your skin is, our laser treatments are safe for all skin types!

Reduce Hair 

No Surgery 

For Both Men & 

Restore Your Hair, and Your Confidence

The Latest in Innovative Laser Technology
Men are not the only ones that have to deal with hair loss. In fact, one study suggests that by age 40, around 40% of women are suffering from hair loss. That number jumps to 80% by age 60. If you’ve noticed your hair thinning, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem and one that you shouldn’t hesitate to address or feel embarrassed about. We’re here to help! Laser Remedy Skin solutions offers a cutting-edge treatment called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration.

PRP/Exosome Hair Restoration involves harvesting the platelets from your own blood and injecting them into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Your body’s natural restorative abilities can yield amazing results.

Why People Lose Their Hair

Despite thinning hair being a common ailment, there are many factors that influence the thickness of your hair and how much you lose, such as:
Health & Nutrition
Hair Products
Pattern Baldness
Covid-19 hair loss
Regardless of what’s contributing to your hair thinning issues, various treatments like PRP/Exosome scalp injections can help restore your luscious locks!

PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Treatment Process



A small amount of your blood is drawn by our medical staff
step 2


The platelet-rich plasma is separated from your blood


The protein-rich plasma is concentrated


Concentrated PRP/Exosome is injected into your scalp with a very small needle

Real People, Real Results


What Our Clients Say...

Jess S.

“I had a small capillary on my nose that was broken and driving me crazy. She was able to zap it with her laser and it immediately went away.”

Vickie G.

“They not only provide a great service to get rid of tattoos you wish you hadn’t done… they also have such a great bedside manner during and after the process!”

Erick C.

“Amazing experience!!! Mark and Debbie made me feel totally confident and relaxed about the treatment and the removal process!”

Daniel H.

“They make sure you’re well taken care of during and after the treatments. There are no side effects and no down time. The prices are reasonable. Highly recommended.”

Kristen D.

“I love this place. I have been to 7 different last tattoo removal studios and they are by far the best! They go above and beyond for their clients.”

Tammy S.

“I had veins and brown/age spots removed from my face. The treatment & results are phenomenal, I am super happy!!!”

Emily G.

“The results I have seen far outweigh the results I saw from a different tattoo removal office… I would never even think about going somewhere else ever again!”

Rosemary O.

“I have been to Laser Remedy” three times for a tattoo removal. Everyone has been VERY kind, helpful, really good at explaining the procedure.”

Traci A.

“Debbie, Mark and their staff are wonderful to work with. Professional, knowledgeable and I am getting great results with my ink removal.”

Hunter M.

“Amazing customer service! They’ll make sure your experience is above and beyond! Great prices, products and people what more could you want?”

    PRP Hair Restoration Q&A

    What is PRP therapy?
    PRP therapy uses your body’s natural restorative properties to stimulate and strengthen hair growth.

    By harvesting the platelets and other growth factors from your blood, your technician injects the platelets into your scalp, where they spur natural hair growth. Because of these injections, your hair cells energize and improve their health, leading to stronger and thicker hair.

    These cutting-edge treatments not only stimulate hair growth but have proven to provide a wide range of other medical benefits. PRP therapy can stimulate skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, sports injuries, and more.

    How does PRP therapy for hair loss work?
    If you proceed with PRP therapy, your first treatment can occur during your initial consultation. Your technician draws about a vial of blood and places it in a centrifuge, which separates your platelets and growth factors from other elements.

    Your technician prepares your PRP injections and then injects them into your scalp. The whole treatment takes about 20 minutes to complete.

    How many PRP treatments do you need?
    If our team at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions believes PRP therapy can restore your hair growth, we’ll build a treatment plan to address your hair loss needs and goals. We typically recommend 4-6 treatment sessions scheduled one month apart.

    After six months of treatments, a hair-growth assessment will be conducted. If you notice results, PRP treatments continue with biannual follow-up sessions. If results don’t happen, PRP treatments are discontinued.

    Along with these scheduled treatments, Laser Remedy Skin Solutions recommends taking Nutrafol professional hair growth supplements or Viviscal supplements and using Minoxidil or Rogaine topically. You can also take Finasteride or Propecia. This combination may accelerate hair growth, improving your final results.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, 30 or 70 – if you’re tired of embarrassment caused by hair loss, it’s time to take action.

    Individual results may vary.

    Love Your Hair Again

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