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Botox and Fillers in Greenwood Village, CO

Minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and restore youthful looking skin

Feel Confident in How Your Face Looks

The Latest in Innovative Laser Technology
When the signs of aging make you look older than you feel, you don’t have to opt for invasive facelifts or cosmetic surgery. At Laser Remedy Skin Solutions, located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, our team of licensed professionals offers Botox and along with dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while plumping skin, restoring a youthful look. We do not dilute any of our Botox or fillers like other offices to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible. Get that boost of confidence you need to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Treatments That Take Minutes, Results That Last Months

Injectable neurotoxins like Botox (don’t worry, they are completely safe!) and fillers can be performed in less than 15 minutes. Botox can last 3-4 months and dermal fillers can last up to a year. Get amazing results without invasive and painful procedures.

Real People, Real Results


Botox and Fillers 
Q & A

What is Botox?
Botox, an injectable neurotoxin, reduces the appearance of frown lines, smile lines, and deep forehead wrinkles. The nurse injectors at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions also use Botox to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around your eyes and Glabellar lines, which form the “11” or “M” between your brows. Botox can take five to ten days to take effect.

Botox is a safe way to paralyze the underlying muscles in your targeted treatment areas. The repetitive movements of these muscles cause your skin to crease and fold. After a Botox treatment, these muscles stop moving, reducing the appearance of wrinkles for up to 4 months.
What are dermal fillers?
Our nurses use dermal fillers for a variety of skin volumizing procedures:

Plumping lips
Reducing fine lines
Filling wrinkles
Volumizing cheeks
Smoothing under eyes
Lifting loose skin
Laser Remedy Skin Solutions offers a range of dermal fillers, each FDA approved. Juvederm® Ultra Plus corrects volume loss and reduces the appearance of wrinkles in a multitude of areas, including around the lips, under the eyes, and around the nasolabial folds.

Juvederm Voluma™ XC volumizes your cheeks, temples, and jowls, and can even be used to give you a micro facelift. If you have moderate to severe wrinkles and forehead folds, consider Juvederm Vollure™, a top pick for next-generation injectables at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions.

Kybella® uses a natural, fat-blasting injectable solution to reduce the severity of your double chin, decreasing this stubborn fat for good, while Volbella® plumps lips for up to a year, giving you a pout you don’t want to live without.
Are there any side effects?
Fortunately, side effects are minimal for both Botox and dermal fillers, with the most common symptoms being mild bruising and soreness. Serious side effects are rare, but your certified nurse injector can discuss what to look for during treatment.
How long do injectables last?
Dermal fillers have immediate effects but can take 7-14 days for you to see maximum benefit. Dermal fillers can last 18 months and some such as Juvederm Voluma XC, can last up to two years.

If you’re receiving treatment for hyperhidrosis, the optimal results last 4-12 months, although you may experience more underarm dryness than usual for up to 14 months.

If you think Botox or dermal fillers can help you reach your anti-aging goals, call the office to schedule your appointment or book online.
What is a vampire FaceLift?
The Vampire Facelift® is a non-surgical rejuvenation procedure that utilizes a patient’s own plasma to improve the tone, shape, and texture of their facial appearance. PRP injected into the skin creates more collagen, resulting in younger-looking skin.

The Vampire Facelift is a “designer procedure” developed as a way to enhance volume in the face using a combination of hyaluronic acid (such as Juvederm) and platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), which is a thicker form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The key ingredient of the Vampire Facelift is platelet-rich fibrin matrix, which is derived from the patients’ own blood. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix starts with a blood draw. The platelet-rich plasma is then separated by spinning the patient’s blood through a centrifuge. Platelet-rich plasma appears as a gold serum after it is separated from the darker components made mostly of red blood cells. Calcium chloride (CaCI) activator is added to the PRP to turn it into the thicker and longer lasting platelet-rich fibrin matrix. Platelet-rich plasma had been long used in the medical field for its wound and injuring healing properties. It also stimulates the production of collagen and tissue regeneration. These properties make the platelet-rich fibrin matrix and ideal natural serum for rejuvenating facial skin quality and volume with increased collagen production, blood supply and new skin and fatty tissue generation, creating that youthful appearance that comes with healthier skin.

Individual results may vary

Defy Aging Gracefully

With Botox and dermal fillers, you can combat the signs of aging with minimally invasive procedures that take just a few minutes. Call us today to schedule a treatment!
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