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Everyone has skin care needs, from their heads to their toes. And Laser Remedy Skin Solutions is your Greenwood Village, Colorado medical spa that can take care of everything you need, including fungal infections. If you’re interested in remedying embarrassing fungus in a luxurious environment, schedule an appointment at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions today!

Toenail Fungus and Warts Q & A

What is a fungal infection?

Fungal infections can quickly start in your fingernails or toenails. For example, a fungal infection that begins on the surface of your foot can swiftly spread to your nails.

Fungi grow in moist, warm places like locker rooms, bathrooms, or pool decks. They’re also contagious: If another person with a fungal infection has walked barefoot on that surface or floor, you can easily catch the infection by walking on the same surface.

Toenails that stay wet are a perfect breeding ground for nail fungus; that’s why swimmers often get them.

What are the signs of a fungus infection?

The appearance of your nail will vary depending on the type of infection you have. Part or all of the nail may become discolored. A small, discolored area may spread and grow larger over time, covering more of the nail.

In most cases, the nails will be yellow, brown, green or gray. Your nail may also have a large white spot on it.

As the infection worsens, the nail thickens and may split or crumble. Sometimes the nail detaches from the underlying finger or toe and lifts up like a flap. Debris can also accumulate under the nail, and the nail surface may turn soft or become dry or powdery in texture.

Once one nail is infected, unfortunately, they typically all become infected. As such, the earlier you treat the nail, the better.

How can laser therapy help treat fungus infections?

The providers at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions offer innovative laser therapies to rid your toenail of fungus.

Using concentrated beams of light energy, the providers target the area infected by the fungus without affecting your nail and surrounding skin tissue. The light beams to heat and break down the pathogens responsible for the fungus under your toenail.

Laser Remedy Skin Solutions offers this simple procedure in-house. It lasts about 20 minutes and doesn’t require anesthesia. However, you might require multiple visits depending on your specific condition.

If you think you might be suffering from toenail fungus, don’t hesitate to call the providers at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions today. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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