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Your sexual health is the physical and mental well-being of your sexuality. Strong sexual health requires both a positive outlook and the ability to enjoy yourself during sexual activities. If you’re not enjoying sex the way you’d like, the medical professionals at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions in Greenwood Village, Colorado, will provide help with some of the newest treatments in sexual health: the O-Shot and the P-Shot. If you’re ready to improve your sexual health, call our offices today or schedule your appointment online.

Sexual Health Q & A
Why am I not enjoying sex?


You may find sex less gratifying than it should be, for a variety of reasons.

You may have a condition that prevents you from finding pleasure in arousals, such as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder or Dyspareunia (pain during sex). You might also have a condition hampering orgasms, such as premature ejaculation.

These conditions can be brought on by issues such as prostate health problems, stress, or side effects from other treatments or medications.

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot, or the Orgasm Shot, is an injection of platelet-rich plasma pulled from your own blood supply. Your Laser Remedy Skin Solutions provider injects the O-Shot into key areas of your clitoris and vagina to reinvigorate and rejuvenate tissue. The O-Shot can lead to:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Tighter vaginal skin
  • Increased desire
  • Better and healthier sex
  • Less urinary incontinence
How do these treatments work?

The O-Shot and P-Shot are a form of stem cell therapy that utilizes your own blood, so treatment begins with a blood draw.

After a phlebotomist at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions draws your blood, they place it in a centrifuge to separate the stem cells from the red and white blood cells.

The remaining stem-cell-rich contents, known as platelet-rich plasma, are injected by a nurse into areas of the genitals to promote growth and restoration.

Who is an ideal candidate for these shots?

Men and women who suffer from conditions that affect their sexual health should consider making an appointment for each respective shot.

If you’re a woman who suffers from pain during sex, urinary incontinence, lack of pleasurable sensation during sex, difficulty reaching orgasm, or low desire, you are a good candidate for the O-Shot.

If you are a man who has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, issues with premature ejaculation, or simply want to increase the size of your penis, you are a good candidate for the P-Shot.

If you’re experiencing sexual difficulties and want a solution, call the Greenwood Village, Colorado, office to schedule an appointment, or book your consultation online.

*Individual Results may vary

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